This Playboy Greece Playmate, Katia Dede of the Year 2010 has an almost ethereal quality at times as she gracefully moves in the sand and surf like a graceful spirit. At other times, like when you see her laughing as watermelon drips down her flawless bare skin, she is clearly an intensely charming flesh and blood woman. Then you see the close up Katia Dede as she look intently into the camera.

Although you can happily feast your eyes on her small, natural breasts, you are most riveted by her eyes and the look of sultry strength and intelligence residing in her gorgeous face. These are just a few of the many sides of the Playboy Greece Playmate of the Year 2010.

Bộ ảnh nude của Katia trên tạp chí Playboy:

Katia Dede


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