Amanda Booth sizzles as she poses nude except for her bright red heels, which match her bright red heels.

AmandaBooth_6“For this pictorial, I really channeled my inner Marilyn Monroe,” says Amanda. “We shot in a gorgeous house in the Hollywood Hills that had been maintained since the 50’s – lots of gold and floral prints. There was so much character, and it helped me connect to my character, too.”


AmandaBooth_2And oh, what a character it is – with patent leather heels and deep rouged lips, Amanda’s got us seeing red, and we mean that in a very, very good way.


AmandaBooth_4“In the 50’s, female sexuality wasn’t as acceptable,” she says. “To me, sexuality is power, and to be female is to be powerful. But I think it’s sexier not to flaunt it – you should save it for the right person.”


Bộ ảnh nude Playboy Cybergirl Amanda Booth


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