Sara Jean Underwood is looking lovely in a flowered nightie. The slender beauty kneels on the bed and the autumnal colors of her lingerie shows off her dark golden skin.



She has all of the evocative charm you would expect from a Playboy Playmate as she slowly reveals her bare skin, starting with her perfect breasts. No tans lines show up, letting you know that this luscious minx prefers getting her color with the help of sunbathing nude.



Suddenly, the thought of living next door to her so you could peek through the backyard fence to see her sunning in the nude rush through your mind. That’s how Sara Jean Underwood likes it.


She wants you fantasizing about her long after you’ve stopped looking at her pictures. Fill your spirit with this Playboy Playmate and she will always put a smile on your face and a skip in your step.


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